‘Zombie Party’: Nick Frost and Simon Pegg “meet” to give advice against the coronavirus


‘Zombies Party’ was released in 2004 and it is now when a multitude of scenes are going to be remembered because of the coronavirus. The film tells the story of Shaun (Simon Pegg), a seller of televisions, who lives in London with his best friend, Ed (Nick Frost). A good day, a virus seems to take over the population, who start to become zombiesso that Shaun and his friends have to flee. Everything will be fixed when the british army achieved to save the population and end up getting used to the presence of the zombies, who will be used as entertainment and as cheap labour.

  'Zombies Party'

One of the scenes highlights of the movie is when Shaun and Ed decide to develop a plan that involves hiding out in his favorite pub in London, “The Tavern of Winchester”and has been this scene that the two actors have decided to parody to make the quarantine more bearable.

In the video, instead of choosing to go to the tavern, Pegg advises his friend to stay at home, “If you can, stay at home, take a cup of tea and wait for all this to end”, something that we should do all.

The humour first of all

In these tough times, everything’s a little better with a touch of humor. In that, users of social networks are expert as these are filling up of memes, challenges and occurrences fun.