“A queen like that God gave me would not change it for anything”


In these times of uncertainty for the health situation there is also time for celebrations. Daddy Yankee and Mireddys Gonzalez celebrate this march 20, marked their 25th anniversary of married, their silver wedding anniversary.

The couple gave the ‘yes I want’ on march 20, 1995, and, how could it be otherwise, for this date so appointed for the marriage have not missed the words of love.

The one who has given the first step has been the Big Boss, who has brought out his side more romantic with a beautiful message on Instagram. With him, has made it clear that the years have not made a dent in their relationship because it follows just as in love with his wife that on the first day. It tuned!

A queen like the one that God gave me would not change it for anything in the world

“A queen, believe in yourself, do not get discouraged. A queen is loyal, does not think treason. A queen is like chess, always protect your king. A queen like the one that God gave me would not change it for anything in the world. Today, this queen and I comply 25 years of marriage. Perhaps my fans know me for being the best, but I’m a fan of her and I can attest, that she is the best. In these difficult times, I’m infected with your love, and she my crown,” she wrote alongside a picture of both in their youth. Can you be more romantic?

To accompany these words, and has shared an old photograph of her youth in you can see Ramon Ayala -real name of the singer – with a radio in hand while his wife looks with sweetness.

The followers of the famous reguetonero have not let pass the opportunity to give their congratulations and to congratulate you for the great partnership that they have formed the two.

“What words are so beautiful. Could not leave of other that it were not you”, “congratulations and be many more years until the oldies” or “you’re the best”, are just a few of the messages that I have sent through that social network.

Daddy Yankee and Mireddys are one of the couples more stable, discrete, solid on the landscape of Latin music. In addition, they are the parents of three children: Jesaaelys, Yamilet and Jeremy.

Despite the fact that it is not usual to see ‘The Boss’ -affectionate nickname by which is known to Mireddys – posing on the events attended by the artist, it has always been present in every one of his professional accomplishments and has been the mainstay of its success as a singer.

The Big Boss he had kept his private life away from the spotlight of the media until a few years ago that has been open in this aspect. And each time it has done has been to put sigh in the world. This is what happened with the greeting dedicated to it for his last birthday.

Congratulations, heads!