Alexander Delgado speaks out on closure of borders in Cuba by the coronavirus


The cuban singer Alexander Delgado has joined the wave of concern that has brought about the spread of coronavirus in Cuba and has made use their social networks to send a message to his followers.

The director and a leading voice of the duo of urban music Gente de Zonashared a video profile in the official Facebook of the grouping in which he talked about how they are doing in the quarantine at Miami (Florida), city in which he resides along with his family, and made a call of conscience to all her fans on the Island.

“We have been four days without leaving the house in this quarantine that has guided the government of the united States. We are super concerned about what is going on, the cases of coronavirus increase and still does not appear a alleged vaccine that can cure this virus,” he began.

“The King” stressed that his words were expressly devoted to “people of Cuba” and was very worried “because the government still has not ruled on close the borders” or the “schools” to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“But this message goes out to all my people of Cuba, to all the followers of People of the Area that you convey to his family in Cuba, as the government still has not ruled on to close the borders, has not commented on closing schools. I think that if the government does not do this, you will be well harmful for the next few days for the people of Cuba,” he said with his face visibly worried.

I think that if the government does not do this, you will be well harmful for the next few days for the people of Cuba

However, the reguetonero invited his own in the meantime to be “aware” and “precautions” in the face of coronavirus for the good of all, and that the smart thing to do in this difficult situation was a “stay at home”.

“But I think you already must be aware and take precautions for your children, for your family, for your grandparents. I think that the least they can do is to each one to stay in your home, store the food that you can, avoid walking in public places”, he added.

Alexander Delgado commented that he was aware that he did not want the coronavirus continue to grow and expand for the Island. In addition, he showed his concern for the health of your family that lives there.

“I am very concerned for the people of Cuba, for my followers, for my daughter that I have there, for the rest of my family I have in Cuba and the most I can do is to ask you to please stay home, because it is the only way we have of getting this virus and not make this pandemic bigger than it already is,” he said.

Finally, the leader of the People of Area showed positive and commented that he hopes that in the near future “the government close the borders” and not allowing children to attend school.

We hope that soon the government will close the borders and not allow that the children are going to school

Alexander Delgado has not been the only member of the People of the Area that has been uttered about the closure of the borders in the Island. His duo partner, Randy Malcolm, shared in the day of yesterday a publication in your account of Instagram with the calling for the blocking of the same.

“We need awareness of this global problem that is killing thousands of people”, wrote the singer along with an image of José Martí, using a nasobuco and holding the cuban passport close to your chest.