Anuel AA runs down the beach to get in shape in full quarantine

The message is clear: Stay home. During the last few days we have listened to authorities, faces known and not-so-encouraging not to go out to the street to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. One of which seemed very convinced about the importance of this message was Anuel AA, who has put a pause on your agenda for quarantine voluntary. However, in the last few hours the singer has been given the luxury of going for a run to the beach.

The puerto rican is in Miami with his partner Karol G passing in these days of uncertainty. And after spread during the last week this message is so important for everyone to try to stay home and keep the social isolation, has decided to skip the quarantine exercise on the beaches of the City of the Sun.

This trip has not been without controversy, as some users of social networks have warned of the consequences of their departure and they have not seen with good eyes who has decided to leave his home even for a few hours.

“Training in isolation but I do not serve pa this”, he wrote in the video description. In him, we see him running while we encourage you to get in shape to get the physique of Brad Pitt in the movie Troy, but finally falls down to the water yielded by the effort.

Despite the fact that some of them has made grace this scene, and appreciate the light-hearted clip, not all have shown to be happy that you have left in the middle of the tense situation that is living the planet.

“We’re in quarantine, not of revelry, and never will stop this” or “Friend, it is assumed that you must not go out, the virus is in the earth. Not only because there are no people”, are some of the reviews. While another user has pointed out ironically that this is not the example that should give: “don’t go out to say, and this comes out, but what a great example you give”.

Despite the fact that the singer was keeping the social isolation during the last few days, last Wednesday he showed the discomfort that I felt for not being able to get out the house with a video in which we saw desahogándose screaming for the comfort of a balcony.

“Damn coronavirus”, was the cry that cast to the horizon for hours after the Internet became song.

And what is that to thee? What do you think?

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