Beastars would have a new season of ANIME in 2021


Beastars it is a series japanese manga written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, was published in the magazine Shukan Shōnen Champion from 2016, being its popularity that gave it an adaptation anime of 12 chapters, produced together with Netflix and confirming the march 20 arrival of a second season for 2021.

Manga Paru Itagaki was the winner of Manga Taisho in 2018, a fact which gave him more popularity at the global level and with the help of Netflix was able to transmit his anime in several countries, so that through his official Twitter account reported his return with the new season airing on Fuji TV + Ultra.

Fans of Beastars feel that the 2021 is a date far away, taking into account that the first season of the anime took several months to reach Netflix in Latin america, so we have to be patient and be assured that the wait will be worth it, because the manga could end in 2020.

What is Beastars?

According to the middle Mouse, the story of Beatstars “is set in a world of animals, anthropomorphic, and revolves around Legosi, a Grey wolf that is part of the theatre club of the school as set designer, who knows Haru a small rabbit white, that starts to feel attracted in several ways”.

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However, Itagaki commented at some point that the movie Zootopia from Disney, it was a great source of inspiration for the story, but in Beastars has a target audience much more mature, because it touches on strong themes such as sex, murder, fights, and a language high tone; something not recommended under age.