Chiquis Rivera is defended from the criticisms of users In your pajamas! (VIDEO)


The singer Chiquis Rivera like other famous means of entertainment, has had to cancel his concerts with the disease coronavirusas the daughter of Jenni Rivera remains in quarantine to prevent getting sick from the virus Covid-19.

And is that Chiquis Rivera despite being isolated in your home, like to share what you do during the quarantine for the disease, because on one occasion he stopped impacted his fans in a video that went up on Instagram showing her hand more daring.

Although in a few recent publications that made the daughter of Jenni Rivera on social networks, wanted to share his concern for people who are not doing the quarantine and go out into the streets without protection and were suggested to remain in their homes.

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But apparently some internet users reacted by the comments of Chiquis Rivera, as people need to go to their jobs to support their families. Before the messages the singer returned to share a new video on Instagram.

Chiquis Rivera and her inspiring message

The singer Chiquis Rivera with a pajama pictures, decided to share a new message to respond to the criticisms made by the users with respect in to do the quarantine from their homes and prevent the spread of the virus Covid-19.

“On my video that I just uploaded I’ve received messages…

… comments of people who have said to me, ‘Chiquis as you want it to stop working if I have to feed my children’… I am Not referring to you.”

The singer Chiquis Rivera clarified what happened, as in his previous video he was referring to the people who come out of their houses without taking the necessary precaution to avoid getting sick, since some still flock to the beaches or crowded places.

“If you do not need to exit, don’t go out is what I’m saying…

… that there are many people that still walk in the street, on the beach… I’m referring to the people, not the people who have to go to work”. Commented Chiquis Rivera in the video that went up in his personal account of Instagram.

Photo: Instagram.