Christopher Nolan wants you to support the film when it becomes the crisis of the coronavirus


Through The Washington Postthe director of such films as ‘Tenet’ or ‘Dunkirk’, Christopher Nolan, has made an appeal to the public because, when you pass the quarantine and the world to return gradually to normal, the film industry is going to need our help.


“When people think of movies, their minds first go to the stars, the studios, the glamour. But the movie business is all: the people who work in positions of sales, managing the team, which they draw tickets, which reserve to see a movie, that sell advertising and those that clean the bathrooms of cinemas”said Nolan. In addition, it referred to cinemas as “a vital part of the social life, providing employment for many and entertainment for everyone”.

The coronavirus is affecting numerous industries around the world, including the cinema, which is already taking a lot of losses. It is for this reason that Nolan asks for the help of the people: The cinemas need our help. (…) We are all in this together. (…) When this crisis passes, the need for a commitment to human collective, the need to live, love, laugh and cry together, it will be more powerful than ever. (…) We need to what movies can offer us”.

The director also reminded of the studies that would need to make a “strategic partnership with a vision of the future” in order to move forward. “The last few weeks have been a reminder that there are parts of life that are much more important than going to the cinema. But, if you consider what you get with the cinema, perhaps not so many as you think”, “he added.

A global commitment

Nolan has asked the government to agree to national cinemas and their employees, in any plan of financial aid assistance made to the root of the decline caused by the COVID-19, by adding: “As a filmmaker, my work could never be complete without those workers and the public who welcome”.

In addition, concluded by saying: “Perhaps, like me, you thought that you were going to the cinema for surround sound, dry fruits, soft drinks, popcorn or movie stars. But not what we were doing. We were there for the other.