Cinemas, mosqueados because distributors will rely on the streaming front of the coronavirus


More than 5,400 cinemas are closed in EE.UU due to the crisis of the coronavirus and will not re-open in a couple of months. This situation has forced the delay of dozens of productions with premiere dates in these months of quarantine.

Trolls 2: world Tour

This delay forces the distributors to the postponement of the release date. Normally, after the premiere in cinemas they tend to spend three months until their arrival to platforms, digital and physical sales in the DVD. The delay of the releases has made that certain products go directly to these video platforms to the letter without passing these three months.

Because of this, John Fithian, head of the Associations National theater Owners in the U.S., points out its concern, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporterwith the decision of the Universal as not to delay the release in cinemas of ‘Trolls 2: world Tour’, and distribute it directly to digital.

Fithian indicates that it is natural that the productions recently premiered take the step to the streaming as soon as possible “to monetize the movies, and give people something to do during the crisis”. But the case of ‘Trolls 2: world Tour’ is different because the decision of brand new day original output in the cinemas that remain open in the world and in streaming hurts the movie theaters. Exhibitors we will not forget this.

What will happen when they reopen the cinemas

John Fithian argues that the market will not be saturated for the premieres that have been overdue more which were already fixed to within a few months due to that “not only have they suspended the cinemas, also the productions they have done and because of this the releases that will come in later this year will not be able to finish the production and will be late also. In addition, I am not concerned with the situation because when this virus is gone, people will look to desperately get out of their houses and enjoy the experience of going to the cinema with your friends and family. It will be the biggest resurgence of movie-going history”.