Criticism, ‘The lady and the tramp’: The remake of Disney+ is visually captivating but fails to recreate the magic of the original


When asked about the most iconic within the canon of Disney, some would suggest the scene in which the rags of Cinderella turn into a magnificent ball gown blue or when Beauty and the Beast dance the waltz for the ballroom while a love ballad rises triumphantly in the background. Others would say, we are safe, that a moment par excellence of Disney is presented in the film 1955 ‘lady and The tramp’ when the sophisticated Queen and the chucho street Gulf they kiss by accident, while sharing a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. This scene, and the movie as a whole, is extremely precious for many longtime fans of Disney. That’s why, when Disney+ announced that it would launch a version in real action on the streaming platform (which will be released next march 24 in Spain), many people reacted with skepticism and curiosity about how it would be translated into real action, this romance between two lovely dogs that transcends social class. At the end of watch ‘lady and The tramp’ in which Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux put a voice to the couple holder, now I can say that although the film is visually stunning and take advantage of a new modernized film, it somehow does not get to capture the magic and charisma of the original film.

Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux star in 'lady and The tramp' Disney+

The director Charlie Bean has experience in the field of animation and their dedication to the visual on the screen is clear because of the beautifully made and designed that it is every shot, scene and set. In a nice allusion to the roots of hand drawn animation that has the film, this version begins with a background that is hand drawn that is transformed gradually in the hustle and bustle on real action in New Orleans at the end of the century. The transition is impeccable and will appeal both to viewers with more young people of Disney as the wider audience who perhaps see the film is not without a considerable degree of nostalgia. Bean makes the most of the famous atmosphere vibrant and diverse New Orleans to imbue the screen with color and life. Each scene and location, from the neighborhood bustling restaurants or the makeshift home of the Gulf up to the suburban house of Louie and Linda, are visually striking and you feel as if you were walking through some kind of world of a story book. It is difficult to tear your eyes away.

In terms of performances, ‘The lady and the tramp’ with leading figures among the voice actors. In addition to Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux, Janelle Monáe, Sam Elliott, and Ashley Jensen also put a voice to a lhasa apso jazzy, a hound dog reliable and a scottish terriers, full of energy, respectively. All of these actors do a wonderful job to highlight the idiosyncrasies of their roles. The diatribes temperamental Ashley Jensen and the philosophical thoughts of Janelle Monáe make their characters seem memorable and individualistic. Justin Theroux is especially excellent in the role of Gulf; in a certain way, you get to represent their bluster and vulnerability intense, not simply through his diction. Although it may seem unlikely, are the interpretations of the actors in real action which are somewhat weaker. Despite their best efforts, neither Thomas Mann nor Kiersey Clemons gets out to Louie and Linda of the territory one-dimensional are given by the dialogue cloying script. It is likely that the viewers have their fill of perrero graciously dramatic Adrian Martinez, even though Martinez plays the role with the enthusiasm sufficient to make sure that the children are still laughing. That said,Yvette Nicole Brown plays the role reinvented from Aunt Sarah with such gusto that the audience has to enjoy the character as well. In spite of his villainy and hysteria, Brown represents the character with so much energy that you never get to hate him (although her cats are another issue).

The performances of the voice actors in 'The lady and the tramp' are excellent

Unlike the next film in the live-action Disney ‘Mulan’, which aims to focus on the status of warrior that has Hua Mulan through to minimize the romance and the musical aspects, ‘The lady and the tramp’ seems to be happy keeping the topics that were presented for the first time in the 1955 version, but the creative team has taken the intelligent decision to change the song disturbingly orientalist of the two siamese cats. The film continues to be an exploration of prejudice, class and the significance of this obstacle, in addition to an ode to the importance of independence. Although some viewers would have liked the film to address these issues with a new perspective to justify the production of another version of the same movie, these issues remain relevant today and are addressed with sensitivity on the part of team and deal. For any parent who is considering subscribing to Disney+ with their children in mind, this film could be a good way to start important discussions.

It does not recover the magic of ‘Bella Notte’

Despite these strengths is considerable, I could not avoid to meet somewhat less thrilled with this remake with the original version, a clear trend when it comes to the remakes in live action Disney that often the lack of originality and the excessive support of the nostalgia denied the critical acclaim. With ‘lady and The tramp’, this is partially due to the limitations of the form of the film into real action. Although Charlie Bean do a good job with the atmosphere and the physical appearance and ways of being of the dogs (fortunately, we don’t have a repeat of ‘Cats’ with this film), when trying to maintain the realism of the animals as much as possible, their faces lose the ability to express themselves properly, and compels the audience to just rely on the vocal performances for them to move by certain scenes. The same thing is said of ‘The Lion King’.

The style of the real action reduces the complexity of emotions seen on the faces of the dogs in 'lady and The tramp'

The soundtrack, a combination beautiful to the soft jazz tunes and calm that form a background to a well-chosen New Orleans, but it’s nothing more than that: a background. With the exception of a surrender of adorable the scene of the ‘Beautiful North’ while the Queen and the Gulf have the appointment most iconic of Disney, none of the songs are especially memorable, even with the interpretations of such renowned artists like Monáe. This soundtrack off sometimes serves to emphasize how slow is the pace of the film. While the original lasts 76 minutes, this adaptation lasts for 103 minutes, and not added enough new material for those 27 additional minutes feel necessary nor justified. To prolong unnecessarily the film, unfortunately, loses much of the magic romantic the original. Apart from the exhaust the initial Queen, and the scene occasional car chase or on foot, the film has a pace that is too slow to consistently maintain the attention.

In a nutshell, the adaptation in the real action of The ‘lady and the tramp’ Disney+ is a contribution visually impressive for the platform thanks to the leadership of Charlie Bean and some interpretations strong and distinctive part of the cast, especially among the voice actors. However, after they have eaten all the pasta, and the final notes of ‘Bella Notte’ have faded away, you suddenly realize that you have not reached your expectations because, unlike the original, the magic of this love story between two lovely dogs can not stand when the movie is going to loosen your step.

‘The lady and the tramp’ will be available in Spain from the 24th of march in Disney+.

Note: 7

The best: The visuals vivid and eye-catching. A vocal performance that’s excellent Justin Theroux.

The worst: The slow pace and the soundtrack sosa.