Dances with Micho offers free classes through Facebook to encourage by the coronavirus

The dancer and choreographer professional Michel Valdes and Anays Gonzalez, directors of the popular dance academy cuban living in the city of Miami (Florida) Dances with Micho, have developed a beautiful initiative through social networks with the aim of encouraging people from their homes during the duration of the quarantine status due to the coronavirus.

Micho, as it is popularly known to Michel, she has started to teach classes for free through live broadcasts that go out from your home, a few lessons that will be composed by different thematic areas with the objective that each one suits the tastes and abilities of the viewers.

The classes can be seen both in the profile official Facebook of Dances with Micho as in the official account of Facebook of CiberCuba News.

As said Anays to CiberCubain these moments they are doing three dance classes a day with the frequency of Monday to Friday.

The first is at 2:00 pm (Miami time), is devoted largely to the hearing of Europe, has a duration of around 30 minutes and is relatively easy.

The second class is at 6:00 pm and it is basic steps of salsa and bachata with the realization of choreographies quite simple. This section is dedicated mostly to children and adult beginners who want to start to take their first steps in these caribbean rhythms.

The last delivery is at 7:00 pm and is the style of our regular class we always pass on to you. It is composed of rhythms varied, by using choreography of mid-level and with a high level of cardiovascular exercise.

In addition to these three lessons per week, Micho and Anays are also intended to increase their transmission through the mentioned social network and also add in a direct format on Saturdays and Sundays the episodes of his miniseries that currently spend for their YouTube channel.

Also, it will incorporate the Saturday, a class of muscle toning is dedicated to all those who like to combine dance with physical exercises.

“On Saturdays and Sundays we want to begin to transmit lives the chapters of our miniseries that we’re currently going through YouTube and on Saturday we want to do in addition to a class of toning,” said Anays.

Both Micho and Anays as the academy of dance, enjoy great popularity and prestige in Florida for the quality of its courses.

In fact, Micho has managed to fall in love with his choreographies to the great artists of the international music such as salsa new yorker Marc Anthony, who collapsed before her performance to dance along to their students at the rate of your theme Seem to Friday.

Also, the dancer has rubbed shoulders with some of the stars and has left a record of this on their online profiles. Example of this is the funny video that you shared on the that you could see teaching dance to the famous English footballer David Beckham, presenter Enrique Santos, and the very Marc Anthony.

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