Disney: Onward ahead of its premiere on digital because of the COVID-19


Onward of Disney and Pixar, was surprised on social networks with the launch of its movie in digital format to the united States from march 20, this several weeks before the planned with the hope to bring joy to the millions of families that have been affected by the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Disney through their official accounts boasted a detailed poster of the characters Ian and Barley Lightfoot, along with other news in addition to the pandemic by COVID-19, being the advancement of the launch of Disney Plus from the April 3, 2020 where you can also see the movie Onward.

Although for the moment it will be only for the united States, Onward predicted to arrive starting at 8:00 p. m, being one of the few good news for Disney after postponing the release of their next films in theaters as the live action of Mulan, which was scheduled for 27 march and in their networks not yet defined the new date.

Did Disney move forward with more movies?

The strategy of Disney seems to want to recover a portion of their earnings in movie theaters that still remain open despite the threat by COVID-19 and according to information from CNET, Onward takes more than 103.1 million dollars at the box office since its premiere and will not be the only film in advance of its arrival in digital format.

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Because Frozen 2 is another of the recent films to launch its digital version since the 15th of march, three weeks earlier than planned to also be available on Disney Plus, and the company of Warner Bros seems to have employed the same decision with “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey”, to join the new entertainment content.