Famous Hollywood join in the networks, to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon


A number of celebrities have joined an initiative of the actress israeli Gal Gadot, known for playing Wonder Woman, with the aim of boost the morale of all the people who are in isolation due to the pandemic coronavirus.

She joined the famous Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Chris O’dowd, Will Ferrell, Sia, Norah Jones, Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan, Labrinth, Sarah Silverman, James Marsden, Amy Adams, Zoe Kravitz, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Pascal, Cara Delevingne and Lynda Carter.

Gal Gadot shared the video on their social networks, in which each artist from her home she sings a fragment of the iconic anthem of John Lennon, Imagine, written by him and Yoko Ono in 1971, which promotes the idea that we are all one great nation and one that has been used countless times in situations of violence, destructive events or tragic in the world.

“Hi, guys. Day six in quarantine. And I must say that these past few days made me feel a little philosophical. This virus has affected the whole world, to all. No matter who you are, or where you’re from. We are all in this together and we will overcome together. Let’s imagine together. Sing with us. All the love to you from me and my friends,” said Wonder Woman.

Gadot explained that what inspired her to make this video was another that saw a trumpet player in Italy, playing the song Imagine from his balcony for all the neighbors and felt that she had a great deal of meaning and symbolism to relive that song at moments so sad and disastrous as these, which have killed almost 10 thousand people all over the world.

In addition, it considers that this is a good way to keep us united and motivated to be in that house, and asked all his followers to join, so surely we will soon see other videos similar on social networks.

In a day, the video has over five million views on the YouTube platform and thousands of comments thanking me for the gesture and the inspiration.

Other artists have been offering concerts through their networks, so that people will be encouraged to stay in their homes and make more bearable the physical isolation, thanks to the technologies and to the music.

Many are also videos of people in quarantine in Italy and Spain that have come to the balconies to sing or play an instrument, give a little joy to their neighbors, and feel together despite the physical distance.