Harvey Weinstein has finally admitted to a maximum security prison


Harvey Weinstein 68-year-old, has already begun to comply with the judgment of 23 years of which he was convicted some weeks ago for the crimes sexules that was committed against several women. Now, has entered a maximum security prison of New York, where it is presumed will be 60 days until you move to another prison.

The judgments against the film producer Harvey Weinstein is already almost complete. After you have been accused guilty for two of the more than 20 sexual offences of which it was reported, including rape, sexual abuse and harassment, the tycoon entrepreneur of Hollywood, will now pay 23 years in prison.

Although there is still a trial more to face, the movement #MeToo has managed to achieve a great victory after that Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of some of the multiple crimes he committed against several women in the film industry.

Harvey Weinstein jail

After being convicted last march 11, the police of New York, moved to the film producer to prison Rikers Island, located in the East River. However, it has now been taken to the maximum security prison Down State Correctional Facility, according to various u.s. media.

In that prison, Harvey Weinstein will be for 60 days, until it is brought to another prison to serve his entire sentence. For the moment, it is not known what will be the place where you end the Hollywood producer, but it is known that their time in prison could increase with the last judgment that will soon be in California for sexual assault against other women.

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According to lawyers of Harvey Weinstein, the producer is now suffering from severe health problems, for which, her doctors say it probably will only be 12 years of life, so that in accordance with a variety of media, although she has not been given life imprisonment to the famous producer, is very likely to spend his last days paying for the crimes he committed.