“Horror!”. And it is by the feet of Cristina Pedroche. The teaches and sees this!


March 21, 2020
(13:50 CET)

Cristina Pedroche is very worried. As many citizens, has noticed that this virus that is spreading throughout the world was no joke. Many are frightened by the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen in your environment or that will happen in the future. When it will return to normal? What disastrous economic consequences will be after?

The co-worker has done to bypass the alarms on the social networks with your latest publication. Cristina Pedroche he showed a photo where she and her husband, David Muñoz, interlaced hands. It looks like an image of the most romantic of their own, but the text that accompanied it was very intriguing.

“Together always, no matter what happens”, he wrote Cristina Pedroche. “Is everything all right?”asked a follower. “We’re very concerned”said another. Lately the vallecana uses phrases of this style. “In the end everything will be okay and if not goes well, is that it is not the end.” Many supporters of the collaborative believe that any of the two has a positive coronavirus or a family member of the couple. However, you must remember that the husband of Pedroche is very delicate of health.

Cristina Pedroche loves to take care of yourself and with the closure of stores what is really going wrong as there are some products that you can’t get because they are not considered products of the first necessity. There are many people who have chosen to cut their hair, put on face masks, or even tattoos. On this occasion, Cristina Pedroche has opted to dye her eyebrows. “There are things that I never do out of laziness: I tiño the eyebrows”.

The partner stays at home and now can’t go to any event and cannot perform any photo shoot. Pedroche take hold of the reel to recall some moments of his first perched in magazines. The boredom makes us to delete photos from the mobile, which lack makes, in order to free up space, and are great relics.

The wife of David Muñoz published a picture where it comes out sitting in a caravan, so they took jobs, account. “When I had in the caravan to do photo sessions very nice ❤️”, account. The partner poses, smiling only with underwear, but cover it with a blue coat.

His followers are set carefully on his feet. “What have you done?” or “too much Photoshop”, they write. If one looks carefully at his feet you can see they are not normal, much more stretched out and thick. With a perspective strange. “Do you have complex Cristina Pedroche of your feet?”, question a user. “Horror” or “it looks like a monster.”