I dancing and playing! So pass the Bad Bunny and his girlfriend Gabriela during the quarantine


The quarantine has to artists with creative mode on. While some are taking advantage of the free time to create new music for others to kill the boredom by creating content for social networks. An example of the latter is Bad Bunny, who has spent five days in quarantine.

The Rabbit Bad it is not going bad at all in this confinement, thanks to the company of his girlfriend Gabrielahis best playmate. Together they have starred in a funny video in which we see some of the entertainments that have been found to deal with the boredom.

Play the guitar, dance with your girl, take a pulse, or playing table games, are some of the ideas that gives Bad Bunny to his fans for these days of quarantine.

The sequence of images takes place while a song of The Three Sad Tigers devoted exclusively to the pandemic and tells the new reality that we live by the coronavirus.

The presence of Gabriela has not gone unnoticed in the audio-visual material. The first time you saw him next to Bad Bunny officially it was the 28th of February during the NBA game between Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat. Since then, there have been several occasions in which we have been able to see them together. Even the singer confessed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that I was in love with.

In addition to go well in the love, Benito Martinez -real name of the artist – is going through a very sweet moment, thanks to his second solo album, YHLQMDLG (I do what gives me the wins by its acronym), which has had a great reception in the platforms and has been praised by the specialized critics.