“I don’t even want to think what awaits us in Cuba with a pandemic of this type”


The cuban actress Yuliet Cruz he has shown his great consternation in the social networks due to the propagation of the coronavirus in Cuba and shared a text on their profiles where he has talked with his followers of the difficult situation at the international level that has triggered the outbreak of this pandemic.

The artist said that he was very worried and sad with everything that we are living,” and that her six months ago that was said to him that “the world was going to go through something like that wouldn’t have believed it” because to her, this kind of tragedies only “happen in the movies”. For her, the coronavirus “only us has come to give the more hard lessons” of life and make us enter into awareness of how to behave from now on with respect to everything that surrounds us.

“But as always fact is stranger than fiction. It hurts Me to see the news of so many deaths and people affected by this virus that, in my humble opinion, only us has come to give the hardest of the lessons. We have done much damage to the world with violence, with selfishness, by ambition, and that has to find a stop,” he said. “There can’t be a species destroying all that the law of nature put in place. Because that’s the point, of balance. I’ve always thought that behind everything is a teaching, although the prices to understand this is so painful”, he added.

Yuliet ensures that this “nightmare” will not be located and will remind us that “we are very vulnerable”, that “we are in danger and that we can only get out of this if we take care of each other”.

“Today there is nothing more important to fight for the lives of millions of people around the world. There is that join. In these months we have seen how we are all connected, although we do not know. It started in a province of China that no one knew how it was called, nor where it was located and in less than 3 months, the world trembles. The planet proves to us that good feeling with our recollection. And the global crisis leads us to that we need to unite and be less aggressive and more tolerant, less belligerent and more peaceful, and it takes less hatred and more love. We need balance, and respect for life, for the planet and for ourselves”, he said.

The actress said that she and her family have begun to take precautions, which is reported every day on the coronavirus “but without letting the panic” permeate because “you have to keep the nerves in your site”.

I don’t even want to think what awaits us in Cuba with a pandemic of this kind, because it would be a real tragedy. In my house, the customs have changed these days. I talk to my friends on the phone. I go out to do whatever is necessary and return. My older son at school, what can I disinfect and the little one is at home.

Yuliet has also joined the petition to the government of Cuba that please close the country’s borders, a cause that have led other cuban artists such as the actor Alexis Valdés, actress Blanca Rosa Blanco or members of Gente de Zona.

I also want to stop the entry of people from other countries. There is a pause in everything and be more responsible, from love and empathy, so that this crisis does not take us out of the worst that we have within and we can stop it.

To mode confusion, the artist brought out his side more positive, claiming that you are sure that “all this will pass”, though in the end, “we will have lost all” due to the large amount of human losses.

“The dead will not come back, the experience will be from the pain and it will not be the same. No matter what side of politics you are, or where you live, or what language you speak, religion, race, age, rich, poor, gender, we are all human. What affects one affects us all. Be careful and take care of the world where we live”, he concluded.