If you consume chocolate in powder as ColaCao read this for the sake of your health


March 20, 2020
(15:33 CET)

The chocolate powder it has always been a classic in our breakfasts, ColaCao has ruled over the tables of Spain for years every morning, however, in the recent past with the advancement in the nutritional care of all seems to have changed the taste.

And is that the sugar above 70% in many cases that we see in the regular versions of this product have made us reconsider and go to a healthier version of the same or other breakfast products.

The own brand of ColaCao long time ago that he knew how to see this new trend and launched a version healthy of its own brand, the ColaCao 100% pure natural cocoa.

Why is the 100% natural cocoa?

Like the normal, this can be dissolved in milk both cold and hot, and taken at any time of the day, although we tend to go for the breakfast.

This version of the 100% natural cocoa before, it was easier to find it in other stores as herbolaríos, but ColaCao has been able to see the rise of the natural and, like Mercadona in your time, do a version as well.

To be 100% natural cocoa has a few properties that are very good for our body because it helps us to regulate and even reduce any cardiovascular risk, which is interestingly the opposite of sugar.

A change of paradigm

Obviously, the cocoa 100% natural is very different to the Colacao to which we are accustomed because it is completely bitter, however, there are accompaniments that can help us to endulzarnos breakfast.

Include fruits or dried fruits of sweet taste as the dates can help you to not lose everything that taste sweet on the palate.