In full crisis of the coronavirus, this south Korean film is still in the top 10 of most watched on Netflix

‘Virus’ is a south Korean film directed by Sung-su Kim that was released in 2013. But the search of stories to explain to us the pandemic that we’re living has made you get out of fashion seven years later. In full crisis of the coronavirus, this film has been planted in the top 10 of most watched show on Netflix in our country.


Written and directed by Sung-su Kim, ‘Virus’ shows the spread of a deadly virus, H5N1, ends up with the infected to 36 hours of entering in their bodies. It is spread by the air, and your extension is causing the chaos in the district of Bundang in Seoul. Now that we’ve all gone to see ‘Contagion’, the Steven Soderbergh movie that came in the top of iTunes some weeks ago, ‘Viruses’ is the new movie of pandemics that is attracting the eye of viewers in quarantine, in search of home entertainment.

No matter that the reviews were not too good in his debut in 2013 (he has a 40 out of 100 on Metacritic), that your script is full of clichés and the love story of the protagonists is a bit ridiculous, the power of its scenes of chaos in the streets is enough to take the time. In addition, ‘Virus’ was able to foresee, such as ‘Contagion’, the biggest problem in a pandemic is the panic that ends up causing the collapse of a society.

And for dessert, a documentary series

In one of these coincidences that are impossible to foresee, Netflix premiered at the end of January a series of documentaries called ‘Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak’ (“Pandemic: How to prevent an outbreak”). During 6 episodes of about 50 minutes, the series shows us the work of scientists fighting against virus and try to prevent pandemics such as the flu. Or as the one we are experiencing right now.

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