It Is In Danger Maria Teresa Campos! Terelu and Carmen Borrrego scared. “Help me, God!”


March 20, 2020
(12:49 CET)

The daughters of Mary Teresa Fields, Terelu and Carmen Borrego, take months to be troubled by the matriarch. The communicator comes out of a black hole and into another. Take years that the luck accompanies them. At the end of the month of December, the province said farewell to the year with lto rupture of Edmundo Arrocet. Maria Theresa was a single and very hurt, more by the ways in which the comedian decided to end the relationship.

After a few weeks of very hard, with a deep depression, Mary Teresa Fields was seen again in the halls of Mediaset. I needed to let off some steam and did so with several interviews. After he shows up in Save me, and it is rumored that there were new offers on the table so that the journalist sent him back to his chain favorite, where you would like to say goodbye to his career. It was bad ways and that’s not consent.

Now, because of the coronavirus, something that neither expected, all their projects have been deliberate and it is not known if it will start again because the economy of the country will not be the same once the citizens return to normal. It will be much more difficult than before to find a site for Maria Theresa.

Terelu worried about her mother

In addition, the malagueña is a person high-risk for contracting the disease. For this reason she is confined at home. Specifically in the Carmen Borrego, where it spends the first 15 daysafter will in of Terelu, who has shown in an interview as worried as you are for your mother. “I’m afraid for my mother”explains the collaborator and is that Maria Teresa has already nearly 79 years. Also has a chronic illness due to a stroke he suffered a couple of years ago.

Every time you watch television or read the newspapers, María Teresa Campos is more scared. The increase of concern is intensified and the house of Carmen Borrego is already a bunker. Are many elderly people who are infected, more than half, and almost all deaths are the elderly or people with prior pathology, that does not absolve the young people, who although with a smaller number of cases also die.

Both Terelu, who is also a person of risk of contagion, as María Teresa Campos are taking all precautions possible. The health is first. They are both seeing that this was not so simple. Was and is very serious.