“Jorge Javier Vázquez has returned to relapse.” Video (and it swept in hours). “Shame, shame, ” for God’s sake!”


March 20, 2020
(12:34 CET)

Survivors 2020 it is affected by the coronavirus, you even note in their audiences. This Thursday, the gala more powerful did not exceed the 25% of screen quota to a month of competition. Now Mediaset is repenting of having premiered the reality ahead of schedule. It would have been better to schedule series or a movie, but no one knew that it was going to go.

This gala was going to be totally different to the previous. Due to the coronavirus had to change many things, for example the co-workers maquillaron and dressed at home, while Jorge Javier Vázquez he preferred to not even do it. Appeared with a few pints desaliñadas. “As a matter of security, as the coronavirus, there is not in Telecinco, or makeup, or barber. I could have combed me, fighting with the hair, but to not come out as a box, I have gone”.

“There is impact in Honduras, although much less than in Spain. There are only 12 cases, with only 6 cases, the Government has established a State of Alarm. There are problems of shortages or of public order. Are in permanent contact with our team,” says Jorge Javier Vázquez with respect to how it is affecting the coronavirus to Honduras.

To the surprise of all, this Thursday, the gala was shorter than normal. Jorge Javier Vázquez said goodbye to the viewers at 00:45 hours, an hour ahead of schedule. In this case, the presenter was also unable to interview Alejandro Reyes by measures of prevention and because he could not return to Spain due to the closure of borders. Also noticed vacuum the studio, without an audience and without the half of co-workers.

Yes, many were left with only a pint of the journalist. Note that this time didn’t have help from their stylists, and it was discovered that he had gained a few extra pounds. “Jorge Javier gets belly”, writes a user. “With what well that was a year ago, Jorge Javier has returned to relapse”, “what a shame, by God,” they write.