Juan Carlos I as caught the police Letizia (and what Philip did to plug the hole)


March 21, 2020
(14:39 CET)

One of the episodes most controversial in the book Leonardo Faccio Letizia, the queen impatientis the one that is about the alleged abortion of the wife of Felipe VI before marriage with the monarch.

A matter of the past of the ex Spanish Television that, had they been known before marrying the current Head of Statewould have truncated the royal wedding. And is that an abortion is punishable with excommunication, and this would have prevented the carrying out of the matrimonial union.

Alleged abortion

“To marry with Felipe, Letizia had to hide the truth. He asked his cousin to do away the documents of their pregnancy interrupted. But some thought that the future queen was the perfect model to represent the monarchy and a Church discredited,” explains Faccio.

Result of image of letizia impatient diariogol

Before, David Rocasolano already made reference to this matter in the book Goodbye princess. According to Rocasolano, was a product of the relationship that had been held the previous year with David Tejero. “I had an abortion a year ago in the clinic Dator of Madrid”would have confessed the then princess.

And they are not alone. Jaime Peñafiel it has also given validity to this information, although in his case he said that it was not known who was the son. “Letizia aborted before marry Felipe. Left her pregnant. But it is not known whom”.

Letizia, caught by the Police

But this would not be the only mishap that could have jeopardized the link Letizia with Felipe. But in the case you have then you don’t have to do with a personal secret, but from the time that the current queen of Spain he could have died.

Apparently, Letizia, who liked to lead, and do so at great speed, had a traffic accident in the M-30 before you marry that you could have cost a life. It happened on a day that it rained, at the exit of the tunnel that connects the M-30 with the street ODonnell. Letizia he found himself hit with a torrential rain and between the aguaplanning and could not react to the cars that had stopped in the roadway, caused a collision manifold. “Are you a living miracle, could have been killed,” he warned the troops of the SAMUR, according to shape Alfredo Urdaci to Vanity Fair.

After the first attentions of the attendees sanitaros and the Police, Letizia called Felipethat calmed her down and asked her father Juan Carlos I to send to the troops Royal Guard to pick it up. So what have been told by the emeritus petit comité on more than one occasion.

At the end of the strength of Royal House the led Torrespañawhere she was working all afternoon, according to revealed Urdaci.