Julian Gil revealed that the boyfriend of their daughter Nicolle has cancer


To a few days of the wedding between Nicolle Gil and Iñigo Ariñothe situation was really complicated, after that the young spaniard was diagnosed with cancer. A sad news that was recently revealed by the actor Julian Gil.

Recall that just some days ago the actor Julian Gil he talked about how nervous it was due to the upcoming wedding of their daughter Nicollewho would contract marriage with Iñigo Ariño. However now these plans are affected due to a terrible news.

With one of the most emotive in its official account of Instagram, the actor of puerto rican origin revealed the sad news for today his family is greatly affected, making it clear that the wedding was suspended.

“Today, our family has been touched by cancer. My dear Iñigo, my dear son-in-law…

… Today more than ever you want to say that you’re not alone here, she has a family that will be struggling with you and together with my daughter this hard process that comes to us. Never give up, never, because we are a great team that is led by God, in Him we put all our faith and trust.

It was part of the words of Julián Gil to motivate both his daughter Nicole as his son-in-law, who is now going through one of the most complicated moments of health. Also, the actor continued to this message making it clear that even if the wedding is postponed, will surely achieve your committed when you least imagine.

Julian Gil revealed that the boyfriend of their daughter Nicolle has cancer

Also the actor devoted part of this message to your daughter, to which he has devoted the following excerpt: “To you, daughter, I was not wrong in your upbringing, I feel very proud of your feelings and what is real about your values. I have No doubt that you are a great woman and wife.”

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Without a doubt one of the most emotive of Julián Gil that managed to cause a stir on Instagram, where she has received thousands of comments of support in this difficult situation that is happening to your family.