Last time Joaquín Sabina (and it’s not good). “You could see it coming”. Maximum concern


March 21, 2020
(15:41 CET)

In mid-February and in the middle of a concert, Joaquin Sabina gave a scare of death to their followers. At the start collapsed on stage and had to be attended to urgently by the health services. Soon Sabina appeared on the stage in a wheelchair, complaining of severe pain in the shoulder. I wanted to apologize to those people who came to see him and was with deep regret, informed that the concert had to be suspended because he could not follow.

Joaquin Sabina

“With all the pain of my heart I’m going to go to the hospital because I am very sore, can not imagine how sorry I am this”, he said very sorry Sabina, in a wheel-chair cover art by Joan Manel Serrat, a singer and a great friend of the veteran artist. It seemed that it was nothing serious, however had to be operated of urgency.

From madrid’s Clinica Ruber is reported that Sabina was recovering in the ICU after being operated for a hematoma intracranial. In addition, he had three cracks in the left shoulder, where he complained at the concert after the fall. The following week he was discharged. However his state of health is delicate and it will take in return to get on the stage.

Their families are very concerned about the health of the singer. Joaquín Sabina is a person and their state of health is very delicate, for this reason are a victim of coronavirus. You must take all precautions and under no circumstances leave the house. In addition, you must put aside any type of addiction such as for example their obsession with smoking. He himself came out of the hospital smoking a menthol. The doctors already advised him to let it go. Between his family and his followers the concern is maximum.

All countries adhere to their restrictions, and the coronavirus does not stop moving forward. In Spain, since it builds up to 25,000 infections, and more than 1,300 deaths. The future is nothing hopeful.