Lay of EXO releases their new song with Steve Aoki and singer of the Black Eyed Peas


Steve Aoki and of the Black Eyed Peas recognize the K-Pop as one of the genres of music most listened to of the time, so a collaboration was in the news that brings joy to the fans EXOas one of its members, called Lay premiered a new topic with these singers from abroad.

This is the simple “Love you more”theme that speaks to the depth of love and transports us to a mix of rhythms, languages, and even styles, as lay of EXO collaborates with two of the music of modern talking in the lyrics about loving someone despite their mistakes, being a form of help to the person you like regardless of the problems that may arise.

The fandom EXO-L unveiled its first impressions of this new song, because there is nothing more pleasant than something fresh from their idols of K-Pop during the quarantine by Coronavirus, remembering that Steve Aoki is a popular DJ for their remixes and with great experience working with this genre of music.

Who is Lay from EXO?

Zhang Yixing is the full name of Lay, gained popularity for being a singer, rapper, actor, model, songwriter and dancer from the people’s Republic of China, he rose to fame during a tv program called Star Academy, in 2005, to later be integrated into the group of K-Pop called EXO in January 2012.

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Lay is distinguished by having multiple talents, being one of the chief dancers and vocalists of EXO, now with the song “Love you more” once again a sensation in social networks coupled to the genius of Steve Aoki and of the Black Eyed Peas; you can support this song by posting on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveYouMoreLay.

Photos: Instagram @layzhang