Leonor challenges Juan Carlos I with the greatest humiliation in private


March 21, 2020
(17:22 CET)

As they come to light the scandals of the king emeritus Juan Carlos Ia look back and start putting the pieces together. And there are many indications that in the Royal House a long time ago who know the ins and outs of ex Head of State. For example, what happened in October 2018when the princess Leonor met 13 years.

Recently we collected in Daily Goal the secret that is circulating in the environment of the Home Realfrom where ensure that Leonor would have asked their parents not to want more photos with the emeritus. A decision seconded by the Queen Letiziawho doesn’t want his daughter he portrays never more together with alleged corrupt and promiscuous.

Queen Letizia, princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia | EFE

First distance

But this animosity could not be new. Could have begun to emerge in the above-mentioned October 2018.

The 31 of that month Leonor met 13 yearsand what held high for everything. On one side, making his debut in an official manner, reading with the king Felipe a fragment of the Constitution, in commemoration of the 40 years of the untouchable. On the other, at a party with their family and relatives.

But Juan Carlos he was not in the two events. The grandfather lost one of the very important moments in the life of his granddaughter. The reading of the Constitution if it was, but not to the birthday party.

Leonor vein to his grandfather

From the Royal House noted that it had been the emeritus which he had declined the invitation. However, you must remember that that same week Jaime Peñafiel wrote in his column about the shady business of the king with the high spheres of Saudi Arabia. While ETB issued a documentary which analysed the accounts of Juan Carlos

Two details that have many pointing out that it was Leonor not invited to his grandfather, which already then was very disappointed.