Lis Vega invites his fans to stay at home with hot video fitness

Lis Vega wanted to add to the extensive list of the famous who have taken their social networks to talk about the COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, that affects from a couple of months to several countries, but on this occasion, the cuban has invited their fans to stay at home through a hot video fitness that has maddened more than one.

After shaking to know that there is a record of over 275 thousand cases of coronavirus confirmed in 171 countriesthe different governments have asked their people to stay at home to avoid contracting the disease and Lis Vega wanted to support the cause with a hot video that he shared on his official Instagram.

The popularity of Lis Vega has grown in an impressive manner during the last few years and this has been due thanks to the support of the viewing public has given to the cuban in every one of the successful projects of the television where she has had the opportunity to participate.

Lis Vega invites his fans to stay at home with hot video fitness.

Lis Vega to combat the coronavirus with sensuality

On this occasion, Lis Vega wanted to brag about the spectacular figure that has at 42 years of age by a couple of videos where you practice some exercises, but the highlight of the publication is the message that the cuban has been dedicated to the million people who follow her in Instagram.

“Citizen awareness, use your time to be active in the house, read, meditate, exercise, listen to music, but never stop praying and have faith,” wrote Lis Vega.

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Lis Vega invites his fans to stay at home with hot video fitness.

The text was accompanied with the hashtag #YoMeQuedoEnCasto invite their fans to protect themselves from the coronavirus; the publication of Lis Vega has managed to cause quite a stir in the social networking because in less than 24 hours he was able to overcome the 10 thousand 173 likes in Instagram.

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