Luisito Comunica, dressed as a shark, celebrates his birthday with a fun dance


All the people who continue to Luisito Comunica in their social networks have been amazed with the fun manner in which you have held his birthdayas the famous youtuber he has dressed shark to be able to star a sensual dirty dancing, in front of the camera.

Luisito Comunica he is celebrating his 29th birthday and to be in quarantine for the coronavirus it has not been an impediment for the charismatic and popular youtuber would doing of a very fun way, which has shared with all his fans on Instagram.

In the video we can see Luisito Comunica dress with a costume of a shark in blue colour while performing a fun dance to the rhythm of “Safaera” one of the new songs that Bad Bunny it has included in her album “YHLQMDLG” and who plays next to Ñengo Flow, Jowell and Randy and which has become a success.

Happy Birthday Luisito Comunica!

There is No denying that Luisito Comunica has become one of the youtubers more popular in our country because the content that you share through your channel Youtube it turns out to be very interesting for everyone who decides to take a look at their videos.

The success of Luisito Communicates on that platform has been a tremendous success, because in the month of October of last year, the youtuber was celebrating that it had passed the 15 million followers and a couple of weeks ago announced that it had been double that number.

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Luisito Comunica, dressed as a shark, celebrates his birthday with a fun dance.

Luisito Comunica has assured all her fans that being able to share the adventures that lives in your journey, you are one of the things that you like most about your career as a youtuber and everything seems to indicate that the success will accompany, thanks to the support you have been giving it since 8 years ago.

Photos: Instagram @luisitocomunica