Madonna celebrates 30 years of Vogue, an iconic song of his career


It has already been 30 years since the singer Madonna, regarded as the queen of pop premiered “Vogue” one of the most emblematic songs of his successful musical career and has also managed to become an anthem for the history of the LGBT+.

The past 20 of march of 1990 Madonna glaring to the music world with the release of a new song that belonged to the soundtrack of “I’m Breathless” and from that then you can’t deny that “Vogue” it became the most important success of the singer until then.

Madonna has positioned his song “Vogue” in position number 64 of the songs more sold of all times and also is considered an anthem for the community LGBT+ by giving voice to various elements of pop culture, but above all by raising awareness of the voguing, which is a form of stylized, modern house dance.

Madonna changes lyrics to her song by coronavirus

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the song and to send a message of encouragement to all the people who are in quarantine as part of the sanitary measures that have been implemented by governments to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Madonna has wanted to change the lyrics of “Vogue” with some fun things that can be done these days.

  • “Go, go, go to eat fried fish, let’s, Vogue, I want to say why there is no more dough, oh no, we’re going to eat a bit of fried fish, oh yes!”

Sings Madonna in the video that he shared on his official Instagram.

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Madonna celebrates 30 years of Vogue, an iconic song of his career.

The publication that made Madonna has managed to viralizarse in all the social networks and the singer wanted to invite all of its followers of Instagram to be creative in these dates that we have to stay at home to avoid contracting the disease from coronavirus.

Photos: Youtube and Instagram @madonna