“My child is sick”. María Patiño and all help me get this last time was devastating


March 20, 2020
(11:29 CET)

The coronavirus is very serious. In Spain already exceeded the 18,000 infected posted. Public health begins to saturate and the more likely it is to decide who to save and who to let die. It has also been discovered that this disease, although it is stronger with older people and with any condition, it also affects children and young people.

María Patiño gives all of your support as a friend and as a single mother to Aurah Ruiz. The former contestant of GH have counted as their current status. The required isolation is severely affecting the health of your child, Nyan, as the small requires intensive care due to rare disease you have.

aurah ruiz son

“This situation is for all the world difficult, but there are people who have a situation much more difficult. I have a baby of two and a half years that is malito, dependent on care 24 hours a day”, has begun to explain the also a former contestant of GH VIP 6.


Aurah Ruiz is very concerned about whether Nyan spreads or herself and what happens to him. It is very small and has a chronic pathology. “My child is sick, I don’t know how it can affect him. Live shit of fear”, has recognized. His parents and a friend of hers who is ill help in any way they can. Normally it will rotate, however due to this situation, quarantine them it is very difficult to get around to it. “To have 24 hours almost without a rest is a fucking crazy (…). If my son overwhelms him low sugar (…). I don’t know how to explain to a child of this age what is going on”he explained.