Netflix will allocate $ 100 million for workers affected by the crisis of the coronavirus


Netflix has announced that it has created a fund of $ 100 million to alleviate the economic consequences of the crisis of the coronavirus in the tens of thousands of workers who have lost their income in these times.


“The crisis of the COVID-19 is devastating for many industries, including the creative community. Almost all the productions of television and cinema have been suspended in all the world, leaving hundreds of thousands of workers without work. This includes electricians, carpenters, and drivers, many of whom charge at the time and working project in project. This community has supported Netflix in the good times, and we want to help you through these hard times, especially while governments are deciding what aid will be offered”.

Variety reports that about 120,000 people in the entertainment industry have lost their jobs since the eruption of the coronavirus. The u.s. labor unions IATSE and SAG-AFTRA are in negotiations with the government of Trump to address how it will benefit the economic aid needed in the industry.

Not everything will go to the workers

Netflix has pointed out that 15 of the 100 million will be allocated to third-party companies and organizations dedicated to providing emergency assistance to workers in countries with a high level of production. Of those 15 million, 1 million will go to each of the following funds emergency Disaster Fund, SAG-AFTRA COVID-19, to Fund Motion Picture & Television Fund; and Emergency Actors in the U.S. in Addition, outside the united States will also donate 1 million dollars to the AFC and Fondation des Artistes.

The director of content from Netflix, Ted Sarandos, says that they are also working with organizations in Latin america, Europe and Asia. “What is happening is unprecedented. We are only as strong as the people with whom we work, and Netflix has the fortune of being able to help those that more they have been affected in our industry these times so challenging”says Sarandos.