Netflix will reduce the quality of video in Europe in order not to overload the networks


It is clear that we are living in some difficult days, confinement at home, being one of the main activities the consumption of content platforms such as Netflixwith the premiere of series such as ‘Elite’ or the imminent arrival of ‘The house of paper’, among others. With this, we will board the fact that has promoted telework as a measure to avoid displacement to the companies and therefore new infections.


However, so much consumption of this type of content is overloading the networksand after that the European Union speak with the CEO of the platform, we have decided to take action. According to Varietya spokesperson from Netflix has announced that “after discussions with the European Union and due to the extraordinary situation of the pandemic, Netflix has decided that it will begin to reduce bit rates in Europe during the next 30 days, which will reduce the traffic in networks on a 25%”. That is to say, they are going to reduce the video quality slightly to take up less bandwidth. What is not specified is to what extent it will affect the viewing experience and if there will be some kind of compensation for customers, especially those who pay for the pack more expensive to see content in 4K.

How will it affect the users?

Despite the fact that this is not the most important issue looking at it from a general point of view, yes that is a matter that concerns both the platform itself as to all consumers. In this respect, Netflix is not delivered in exact form, but it is estimated that the users will see the content in a more imperfect what is seen currently. Without doubt a necessary measure to improve the quality of telework and help the people who need to continue working from home.