“Not everything is ideology and money”


The cuban actor Alexis Valdés has gone again to your social networks to make a call on the government of Cuba to end to make a intelligent action to the spread of the coronavirus in Cuba and close the country’s borders to prevent more infections and deaths.

The artist referred to the high political spheres of Cuba have a high level of “arrogance”, “indifference” and “negligence” due to the difficult situation plaguing the Island and to many countries of the world by the COVID – 19. Even, denounced the serious lies that have always been presumed to say that they have “the best health care system in the world” and compared it with that of Spain, which I had the joy of knowing you closely during the time he lived in that country.

You can not believe the level of arrogance, indifference and negligence of the government of Cuba. And even worse, that they repeat like parrots that in Cuba nothing is going to happen because Cuba has the best health care system in the world. Since I don’t know if it is ignorance, misinformation, or manipulation. How are you going to keep Cuba a better health than that of Spain? Are you crazy?

Then, he added on the subject: “I lived on both sides. And living in Spain I had to be in Cuba when he got sick my grandmother. And I was also appalled by the state of hygiene of the hospitals. And that was almost 20 years ago. Imagine today”.

Valdés he exhorted the members of the cuban government to not “be so arrogant” or “so irresponsible” and that just close the borders of the Island already that “all is not ideology, propaganda and money”. He added that “there are lives at stake” for the coronavirus and that they had just become aware that it was a global pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives in different parts of the world.

“Don’t be so arrogant, are not so irresponsible. Not everything is ideology, propaganda and money. There are lives at stake, it is a pandemic. It is the world. Just close the borders that there are many people that can die. Even you, the government that most of them are elderly. For once do what is right. Or do you already do not care about their own country and their people?” he exclaimed.

Finally, the comedian and presenter exclaimed that it was not the “time” suitable to be throwing “words” and “slogans” the people of Cuba, that it was time to act before it is too late.

More humanity and less politics. It is not the time of the words and the slogans. It is the time to act or we would be sorry to all of you for a long time

In addition to Alexis Valdés, other cuban artists also have shown through the social networks of their concern and discontent about the way in which the cuban government is addressing the issue of the coronavirus in Cuba and because it has yet to close the country’s borders.

The members of Gente de Zona, singers Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcomor the cuban actress Blanca Rosa Blancothese are some of the that have so far raised their voices for the good of his nation.