Paula Echevarría it is spent 32,000 euros on this! to pass the quarantine


Paula Echevarría in Disneyland Orlando

March 20, 2020
(11:40 CET)

Paula Echevarría not to stand still, neither outside nor inside the house. Your life may well be a genuine reality to what Alaska and Mario. The last few weeks before the threat of the coronavirus, the partner of Miguel Torres traveled with him to Kenya to record a delivery of Planeta Calleja. After this job he decided to fly to Miami with her daughter Daniella. There they visited Disneyland, Orlando.

Now, like all spaniards, is confined at home with his daughter, and Miguel Torres. Paula Echevarría manages all for not falling into the monotony and the boredom. All we want to be in your home. Through their social networks, where it has millions of followers and is very active, shows your day-to-day in these times of confinement.

Training, board games, even video calls to talk with their family members and congratulate their parents. It is the best way to stay in contact in these days so difficult. Your daughter Daniella is what is happening in a big way.

Recently Paula Echevarría has been harshly criticized for continuing to his treatment of Vitamin C and out to the street to find two bags of oranges. In addition to consulting your doctor. The actress has received these reviews and although has not given a response if they wanted to be totally natural.


“The team led by Dr. Bonaventura Clotet I have approved a trial pioneered at the global level to curb the #Coronavirus.. Is the first test approved by the Spanish Agency of Medication and are already working on the development of the treatment and the vaccine, but they need funds to be able to do it as soon as possible! Join the campaign #YoMeCorono and help stop this pandemic! Thanks in advance to all!!!”, wrote Echevarría. All countries are focused on finding the vaccine against the virus to stop the pandemic and prevent more deaths.

In their huge house that premiered a year ago, Paula Echevarría has a swimming pool and has built a small gym in luxury. The actress bought a few machines when you can’t go to the gym. What I did not know that he was going to come in handy for this quarantine. All the machines cost a total of € 32,000. From treadmills, to dumbbells or rowing machines is what we can find in its gym particular.

Although he has retired from the football, Miguel Marcos also comes very well practicing in the gym to be healthy. However, Echevarria is the most used.