PHOTO: Vadhir Derbez seduces her fans on Instagram “kiss me”


Vadhir Derbez it is a actor that has remained active on their social networks during the pandemic for Coronavirusbecause if there is something that distinguishes the second son of Eugenio Derbez is your fun personality with your fans and the Friday, march 20, wanted to brighten up in Instagram posing in front of the camera.

The mexican actor has sorted his account of Instagram with several stories highlighted, from his songs, family travel with Derbez, until a section exclusive for the curious, the unexpected, and therefore more alarmed his fans was his return to the Mexican Republic with his girlfriend Diana Larume 21 years of age.

After going to a trip promoting his new film “Twenty-year-old, divorced, and fantastic”, to Vadhir Derbez is unavoidable quarantine by Coronaviruses and made it know to his more than 4.5 million followers, but not before relieving the concern about a possible spread of this disease, along with a sultry selfie (compliments included).

“Kiss me… oh no… well Salúdame of lejitos… of the window of your house”

How Vadhir Derbez at risk for Coronavirus?

By using more stories of Instagram, the famous revealed that return to Mexico is something that is necessary, therefore, the most advisable thing is to not follow risking his life by staying in several hotels and so begin a quarantine to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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“Stay at home as much as possible… I am in the airport right now and it’s super empty everything, which is also good for me… I need to get! And already have a marathon of movies or I don’t know… I Hope all are well and healthy and everything… kissing,” he said Vadhir Derbez in their stories of Instagram.