‘Riverdale’ could get up to 7 seasons (of time) according to K. J. Apa


‘Riverdale’ is now several years in broadcast, and is on its way to its fifth season, which will premiere in the autumn of the same year (if the coronavirus is not as tough). Despite its long duration, seems to be one of those series that does not have to end up to the producer what you want. According to K. J. Apa, one of the main actors, the series will have three more seasons, that is to say, will come up to seven (counting with the five, that is by rolling), and he has already confirmed that will appear in them.


The actor confirmed in an interview for The Los Angeles Times, where special emphasis was placed on the freedom that gives them the number to look for other complementary projects. “We all want to shoot films. I think we all, in some way, we are eager to work on other things because we are ‘stuck’ in Vancouver in the series, and it’s great but we all long for something more. It is amazing that we can do that, too, because I don’t know if that is common for many actors of television can be channelled easily into the cinema. I’ve always had a certain fear of that, because I don’t want to be linked to Archie for the rest of my life’ “. In addition, in a previous interview the actor already said that ‘Riverdale’ will last as long as the fans keep watching. So you never know what can happen after.”

The study did not have a problem

With the news that the actors ‘Riverdale’ have signed three more years, it is inevitable to think of other series from the CW that they have also come to be lengthened even more. It seems that the study has been used to lengthen the series that are running. What he did with ‘Arrow’, which has lasted for 8 seasons, and other as ‘The Flash’, which is now in its sixth. A strategy that, while operate and maintain the audience, may possibly stay.