‘Sonic: The movie’ comes to streaming faster than usual to take advantage of the quarantine


As we have been able to check, if there is something that has marked these past two weeks, is by the news surrounding the topic of the coronavirus and its expansion throughout the worldaffecting in addition to the audiovisual industry. They have cancelled almost all of the filming and have been delayed premieres. Although ‘Sonic: The movie’ had time to make their debut in cinemas, and get a revenue higher than expected (306 million dollars worldwide), as it is just available in theaters, and it is for this reason that the study has changed strategy.


According to Variety, what Paramount has thought of is to put the film available on demand from next march 31. This is without a doubt much earlier than we tend to be accustomed to, as it premiered on the 14th of February, so that in normal situations would even months to be in this situation. It is a exceptional situation in that Paramount tries to reap the greatest possible benefit, to benefit one of the family movies top-grossing of the year with the public that is now confined at home.

Not only does Paramount

There are already several estduis addition to this strategy, since in many cases it seems the only way out without that the losses are very great. In the case of Warner Bros, for example, ‘Birds of Prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn)’ will be available from the 24th of marchthat , despite being premiered on the 7 of February. There are even producers that do not rule out the premiere live via these platforms, although we will have to see if it really is the case that news stories are changing day after day.