‘Star Wars’ explains the death of Leia in Episode IX, and it makes much more sense


Yes, the news about ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ keep coming, and continue to be explanations of the film. In this case, however, it is an explanation that was quite necessary, the death of Leia, to whom the film’s director, J. J. Abrams, wanted to pay tribute as a character after the death of Carrie Fisher. Without a doubt one of the most important characters of the franchise and that deserves all the accolades possible.

Star Wars

According to the novel written by Rae Carson, in which he has explained all of these things, the character of Leia not died suddenly when you use the Force to connect with your child, as it seemed in the movie. The life force of the princess was running out for a long time nowand she was holdin ‘ a little bit more before you join with Luke in the Force. It is for this reason that we speak with his brother, telling him “I can not, there is much to do”and his farewell comes with your last thought that traveled through the galaxy as a whole, a way to reunite with your twin in the Force.

It was not a simple issue

Although the fans may like it more or less this form of fire to the character, it is clear that there was nothing simple about the to be somebody so dear and even more so when you have so much respect for Carrie Fisher. The screenwriter Chris Terrio already explained when the Episode IX came to the cinema, how he had been the complex process of retrieving images of the actress in the series to be able to set scenes that are understandable and credible.