Terrible. And will Paula Echevarría. The “worst has passed”. Last time. “This won’t work”


paula echevarría in disneyland orlando

March 21, 2020
(14:15 CET)

Paula Echevarría is confined at home for the coronavirus. As all the Spanish only comes out of your home to purchase products of first need, this week it could be seen with bags of orange juice, but also came out to do one of their treatments, for which they showered hundreds of reviews. In your social networks shows your day-to-day and the actress entertains with table games, video calls with your family, kitchen or workouts in your private gym.

The couple of Miguel Torres has not stopped traveling during the last few weeks and I would be very concerned about if you were able to be in contact with someone with a coronavirus. One of its outputs was to record a chapter of Planet Calleja to Kenya. Mediaset Spain gave her the chance to record one of these deliveries, because at the moment there is nothing to special to it. She, as well as the communication group to repent of having signed a contract of exclusivity. The results are not as expected. The participation of the asturian in tv series and movies is minimal. Since you only get secondary roles or by imposition of a contract. Their worst mistake was to jump Antenna 3, Telecinco.

This year, although pre-production has been stopped by the coronavirus, will record a mini-series with Telecinco. After love, with three chapters, where it will be the protagonist. With The our 2 not had much luck. It is a mystery the result of this film. Their latest roles were in films of the group. It only made secondary characters.

Crime wave Paula echevarríaThe asturian is very worried about the situation in the country, but also for the future. During these days Paula Echevarría is not making any income. Or in series, or collaborations, but not through his account of Instagram where it sponsors some products. The revenue from their social networks was their main livelihood, and now might lose it. Low hours for Echevarria. Nor would your partner, who now do not enter anything after retiring from the world of football.