the 70-year-old a sex symbol of the Eighties


Orggi-William Hurt

back celebrates 70 years of the idea with the nostalgia of the 80s sex symbol. And in this horrible decade, capable of churning out “objects of desire” is not all that was a hedonist with this patina of, for, the more Hurt the. Without the direct social, video-on TikTok or gossip websites, material in the household; and if back then there were only film and photo shoots signed master how Helmut NewtonWilliam was always beautiful, but not impossible.

William Hurt

William Hurt in “hot showers”, 1981. (Getty Images)

Not macho, muscular and Hyper-trophic, but the prototype sapiosexual. Capable of, not only the senses, but also the nerve cells tickling. With his air of a University Professor-to-day read (and fiery lovers in the night), William Hurt explodes on the screen as the emblem of this category, is not entirely new, but certainly little frequented. The mixture will take irresistible for several years, driven by a series of rollers, the sculpted even today, in the collective imagination.

william hurt

William, with Glenn Close, Kevin Klein, in “the big chill” in 1983.

William Hurt: the prototype Wasp

Almost 1.90, blonde, blue eyes, and a physical carved, without a workout difficult, according to a doctrine in the theater of William, he celebrated 30-year-old in States of hallucination by Ken Russell. A debut not bad, since it immediately wins a Golden Globe in the category “New Star of the Year”. The year is 1981 and is a Golden one for him, since the protagonist of the film-the event name is Hot showers, film noir Lawrence Kasdan. Miles stone, the back to the track the erotic thriller, in the center of a femme fatale, sensual and recorded.

In the film William, the lawyer, womanizer, Ned Racine, from seduced so bad Kathleen Turnermarried to a rich businessman, that he would like to see dead. The cloth is modeled on the classic The flame of sin of Billy Wilderbut edited by Kasdan for the decade that he knows what his “body”. And for a commercial film Hot showers it is very hot, with few accomplices in the overthrow of a summer, scorching hot, and the sax of John Berry, in performance fees of passion. Performance memorable as the mustache William.

A decade of tremendous

Such an extraordinary period for the Hurt begins, that he is the protagonist of excellent films such as Gorky Park directed by Michael Apted and choir The great coldalways Kasdan. Movie of generations, a symbol for a generation, disenchanted full of nostalgia for the youth. For also comes an Oscar in 1985 Kiss of the spider woman by Hector Babenco. In Parallel, also a General reverence for its charm grows, driven by its ability to male characters that every woman wants to meet. As professor James Leeds Children of a God child, 1986.

Films in which she tenderly by a young acting performance, the debutant Marlee Matlin’. The two actors will transform the fiction into reality by a few for a couple of years. Then come In the news – where is a moderator on tv, sexy and confident – and is another wonderful film signed by Kasdan: Tourists-to-case –another role strappa Cuore is where leaders Hurt a writer of travel, devastated by the death of the son. “From saved” immobility Geena Davisa bizarre addestratrice dogs. The role that wins the Oscar in 1989.

“You are an excellent in the body of an actor in a supporting role”

The “joke” is William Hurt. A summary of how never true. The formal leader, the Hurt was cast, in fact almost always a in addition. Approaching and friendly. Natural so, the setback, or island solutions in the production at the beginning of the Nineties. But the his sensitivity is running in Europe. Where lands, in search of the script is “different”. For example, with The plague, film franco-argentino, in which she has fallen in love with, of Sandrine Bonnaire. But there are also other problems with William Hurt in this period, especially in connection with alcohol. And slowly, when the actor pasticciati between the weary literature of crashes in the movies, the literary, such as the dimenticabile Jane Eyre by Franco Zeffirelli.

Get up to half of the new Millennium by minor roles in films are important, such as A History of Violence David Cronenberg, in the year 2005, and Into the Wild Sean Penn, 2007. And according to the roles in the saga Avengers, the re-opening of the cinema, making the reunion in Black Widowon the side of Scarlett Johansson. In preparation: Men of Granitewith Shirley MacLaine, and Edward Enderby. In the pilot-aircraft tells of love and loss during world war II.

william hurt

Hurt in “kiss of the woman spider”, 1985.