The alleged tracklist of Chromatica Lady Gaga and her duet with Ariana Grande


An alleged tracklist Chromatica Lady Gaga it is checked in the network by immediately the rounds of social media and sites dedicated to the artist: the new studio album of pop star, preceded by the single Stupid Loveit will come out just the 10 of April, but a leak may have already revealed the list of songs included in the disc.

The (alleged) tracklist Chromatica Lady Gaga

The album is already available for pre-order on iTunes for days and days, but so far the only known between the tracks of the tracklist was that of the first single Stupid Love. Other information certain, number of songs, 16 unpublished (including the first single, already released in February). In the graphic leaked in the network, which might be the back cover of the disc, Stupid Love appears as the third single of the tracklist Chromatica Lady Gaga, where we distinguish an overture to the orchestral and two collaborations. The first is the one with the musical group, south korea’s Blackpinkthat intitolerebbe Kindness Punks. The second is the much-rumored duet with Ariana Grande, the assumptions of many fans of Gaga are now convinced to time on the basis of a few clues. According to the alleged tracklist of Chromatica of Lady Gaga is circulating on the network, the track recorded with the Great should be called Rain On Me.

The duet with Ariana Grande

In addition to the interactions in the social between the two pop star of Italian descent, to assume the presence of a partnership with Ariana Grande in Chromatica there would be the recent statements of Gaga during an interview on the new album. On the cover Paper Magazine and the protagonist of a photo shoot from the futurist setting, Gaga has talked about the themes of the new album, calling it a hymn to the idea of “dance to overcome the pain“: “He does not cease to be happy. You will feel the pain in my voice and in some of the texts, but always as a party” says the popstar, who is familiar with both the physical pain – she suffers constantly due to the fibromyalgia, as told by the documentary Netflix Gaga: Five Foot Two – be it psychological or due to depression with which he fights in years, and the trauma of the rape suffered in his youth.

And the way to exorcise the pain, Gaga explained that he recorded a song “super dance that is a celebration of all the tears” together with a colleague who knows well the suffering: “I sat with her and we talked about our lives. We are two women who have had a conversation about how to move forward and how to be grateful for what you do“. Also Ariana Grandeas a consequence of the terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester in may 2017 and of the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller for overdose, said to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety attacks.

Chromatica Lady Gaga

The production of the album features musicians and historians of the Germanotta as Bloodpop, Max Martin, Ryan Tedder and Mark Ronson. The tracklist has not been confirmed nor denied by Gaga nor her label.