The brutal fight of Shakira with Pique that separates them in the quarantine in Barcelona


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March 21, 2020
(11:28 CET)

The coronavirus is still affecting the whole planet to a lesser or greater extent. Italy is the first country with more cases of infected people and deaths. Even more than China, who has managed to stop new cases. Spain, unfortunately, seems to follow the wake of the mediterranean country. Next week Spain could double their numbers. Currently already with 20,000 affected accounted for and 1.002 deaths. The numbers are not good, the only consolation is the number of high.

Many celebrities have used their social networks to the call in action. With the hashtag #quédateencasa have recommended to his followers the isolation for the good of all. Against before is to adhere to these new rules before you can live again in freedom. There are many personalities who have also expressed their opinion on the matter. After a week of silence and confinement, Shakira spoke at last, and has done so being very hard.

The colombian singer is confined with Pique, Sasha and Milan at home to Barcelona. From there it has been recorded on video and has said things very clear. “Many countries have not listened to the recommendations of the health authorities are acting too late or they are prioritizing the economic over the life of the health of the people”, began by saying the colombian was visibly distressed by the situation. A criticism that many citizens will make to Pedro Sanchez, the current president of the Government of Spain, but even worse have been the other leaders of other countries such as the United Kingdom or Donald Trump, among others.

“My experience having lived in Europe is that we have come to realize that the virus is very fast and our leaders, too slow”he continued the colombian in his account. With this message, leaving it all clear. It is important that all the countries that still have not taken steps to do so already, although not yet have a large number of infections.

In that sense, Shakira asked citizens to demand that prioritizes health in all countries. “For us to call upon our leaders to implement the 15 days of social distancing end. The closure of schools and public places where people gather, to flatten the curve and be able to prevent the spread of the virus, especially in countries that are not prepared to offer medical care as well as in Latin America or Africa”pleaded the singer.

And finally, he asked the people to be responsible and comply with the quarantine. “Please, let’s stay 15 days at home, for the sake of the needy, the sick and the elderly and the most vulnerable of all the world”,concluded the colombian.

Shakira is beginning to overwhelm many days confined at home and more without knowing … as are their parents and their family. In the united States the cases of infection begin to multiply without pause. The colombian stays in touch through video calling, but it is not enough. Pique is still renewing his contract with Barca and he would love to in the future be done with the directive. For the Catalan player his future plans do not go through to settle in Miami indefinitely. For this reason, Shakira and Pique have a lot of fights and more now that they are together in the home 24 hours a day and that the situation in the country is worrisome.