The cuban actor Jorge Ferdecaz and his wife welcome their baby


The cuban actor Jorge Ferdecaz and his wife Laura are swollen with happiness after welcoming its small Marina.

The baby was born on the 18th of march and it was his proud dad shared the news with all your followers on social networks.

“Open the balconies and not break anything, that thing is bad! Our Marinaaa llegandoooo, as unaaaa olaaaaa!”, wrote the actor on the birth of their daughter in full quarantine for the coronavirus.

The actor, who is one of the hosts of the program This has no nameshared four adorable photos: three of the small wrapped in a blanket pink and with a hat of the same color, and another that shows him with his wife and their baby just after birth.

“That beauty. Congratulations”, “congratulations to the two”, “Felicidadessss what linda, it is beautiful!! We are happy to all with your bb!!”, “But that little face so beautiful you have, looks like it’s smiling, looks happy with a lot of peace,” “Congratulations to those parents. The girl is beautiful”, “congratulations partner! You deserve this blessing!”, commented several of his followers along the post.

Jorge Ferdecaz and his wife Laura feel more than blessed to be able to once again be parents, something that they did not expect that to happen.

“I’ll be fifty years in may, we didn’t see as possible that comes to us a blessing so great and it is normal that I should be so nervous with this issue, I am on a thread of nerves,” he confessed Ferdecaz.

Recently, the actor spoke about the tough and painful loss of his 16 year old son, of whose death he turned two years old a little over a month.

“That is something that should not be exceeded, the life continues and comes to my little girl on the way, but it is something that is skin deep and whatever happens to me is tremendous,” he said from the living room of the house of MaKa Rivero, where he filmed the program This has no name.

Her child had a special condition and at birth gave him very little hope of life. However, thanks to the care of their parents and the love he gave, the child was able to live 16 years.

Jorge Ferdecaz has been in the news recently for asking actively involved in their networks, the release of the independent artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, a campaign which was joined by many intellectuals, artists, and cubans of all parties.