The daughter of Adal Ramones breaks networks with an amazing photo


One of the charismatic drivers of TV Azteca is, without a doubt Adal Ramonesas the presenter of the television enjoys entertaining the viewers with his witticisms, although apparently his daughter Paola has stolen the attention of the users on Instagram.

The daughter of Adal Ramones has become a young woman, very beautiful, as their sympathy and beauty have been left captivated by the thousands of followers that it has in its official account of Instagram, as a new photo has received thousands of comments flattering.

And that is despite the fact that Adal Ramones and his ex-wife, Gabriela Valencia, mother of Paola Ramones, decided to separate some years ago, in certain occasions, the young woman loves to share unforgettable moments at the side of his famous dad.

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At just 19 years of age, the daughter of Adal Ramones has grabbed the eyes of the boys, those who admire the beauty of the young woman, as her recent pictures she has shared on Instagram, it can be seen that it is a whole professional modeling.

Adal Ramones always seeks to take care of her daughter Paola Ramones, because the young man has become a woman very beautiful; in certain occasions, the driver shares his concern for her, especially because of the insecurity that lives in Mexico for the femicides.

The daughter of Adal Ramones in love with its beauty

Paola Ramones to the currently accumulated more than 173 thousand followers on Instagram, even though one of the recent photos that went up to the social networks, he left impacted users, as it showed off her slender figure.

The daughter of the driver of TV Azteca likes to show off your svelte figure on the social networks, although in some cases the famous Adal Ramones has been surprised by the daring photos that he shares the young woman when posing in a bathing suit.

Photo: Instagram.