The infanta Elena already does run the vice most evil of Letizia. The revenge is launched


March 20, 2020
(12:50 CET)

Much is being talked about in the last days of the Spanish monarchy. Both Spain as well as in England. And it is that there are several british media which, in the last few weeks, have been published infamaciones that put in the spotlight Juan Carlos I in reference to the research that is being conducted by the prosecutor’s office in switzerland.

Something that, obviously, it is not that fact precisely a lot of grace in The Zarzuela. Among other things because, seeing the mess that was forming, has been the king in force, Felipe VI, the who has had to leave the step and through a press release, announcing that he was relinquishing the heritage of their father.

News, scandals, causing many to speak now of the role of the institution. And that is just what the monarchy always want to avoid. The less you talk about it, especially if the news are bad, the better.

The revenge of the infanta Elena

But eye because, for much that Felipe has departed to his father of the crown, the emeritus has no intention of staying with their arms crossed watching as his image and legacy plummet.

Juan Carlos Elena

That is why he has contacted his daughter Elenawith the that keep a relationship much closer than with his son, to run the vice most bad Letizia among the most VIP of the capital.

It is no secret that the father of Felipe and Ortiz are more than wrong. There has never been harmony between them and now, seeing that Letizia has been pressed, and much, to her husband to move to his father, John Carlos has taken the opportunity to exact revenge through her daughter Elena.

And it seems to be that it is the sister of Felipe the that account that, unlike what is done in public acts, where it does not test a drop of alcohol, in environment private the queen if that tends to follow your party table with a coa of wine. A vice is very bad now Bourbons aerate as a first phase of his special vengeance against the queen.