The message (and photo) before you die, which is unsettling to Peace Padilla and to the whole of Spain


March 21, 2020
(12:50 CET)

Paz Padilla lost a little more than a month to his mother, who was very attached to. The presenter received a hard blow, but thanks to his family, friends and your good mood was able to move forward without forgetting it, ever. The cadiz is a great example and more in these difficult times. If his mother was alive in these moments Padilla would be very concerned due to his advanced age and is that the coronavirus affects most strongly to older people and to those who have a chronic disease.

The whole team of Save me gives all your support of Tamara Falcó, who is broken in these difficult times. Hard blow to the family Falcó. The coronavirus is charged with a new life. This terrible disease that spreads very quickly around the world is wiping out thousands of innocent lives. The last, Carlos Falcó, father of Tamara Falcó, better known as Marqués of Griñón. According to ahead of ABC, Falcó died last Friday, 20 march in the afternoon.

The marquis was receiving treatment in the hospital of madrid Fundación Jiménez Diaz, where he had been admitted a few days ago after testing positive in tests that detect the coronavirus. Not expecting this tragic ending, Isabel Preysler and Tamara Falcó, from their confinement, wished him the best. Finally I lost the battle at the age of 83. Once more enters into the factor of risk. The coronavirus affects in a greater extent to the elderly or people with any chronic pathology. The Covid-19 we produced a pneumonia and could not overcome it.

Only a few hours before it was known what this fateful outcome, Tamara Falcó dedicated emotive words in their social networks which are now the parting on the occasion of father’s day. In the photo you can see her girl, smiling, and caught in the arms of his father while both of them look out of shape accomplice.

“Yesterday was San Jose, and I forgot to post… This picture describes my relationship with my father. Daddy, you don’t have social networks, but as always you hear everything that I do, you know that I love you and you are the best father I could ever wish for”said the winner of MasterChef Celebrity, who signed the message as Tamaruni.