The outrageous trio of Antonio David (and not with his wife) comes to light, and he bursts all over!


Antonio David and Olga Flowers

March 20, 2020
(14:02 CET)

Although thought to tell the past Sunday, march 15, the organization of the program waited to Tuesday 17 for more information. The coronavirus is an issue that is affecting the entire world population, to a greater or lesser extent. Its spread is very rapid, and already there are more than 300,000 infected people in these times throughout the world. In Spain, more than 20,000 cases and more than 1,000 dead. The countries have taken restrictive measures to stem its spread and to try and do everything possible because the number of infections decrease.

Many programs have been affected by the coronavirus, Survivors 2020 is one of them. By the time contestants will not be able to receive visits from their relatives as in all editions because Honduras has closed any kind of contact with Spain. Not permitted to exit without passing a quarantine or not allowed to enter. Therefore, not even the contestants evicted will be able to leave all of a sudden.

Carlos Sobera told them the news, leaving the contestants very touched. All of them worried about their family and friends. Dew Flowers suffered an anxiety attack when you receive a video of his father Antonio David Flores, who stated that in Spain all was well to reassure her.

The young woman was missing the video of the other person. Lara Alvarez approached her to know that it should be that sea of tears. To the surprise of everyone, the contestant said that he did not know of his mother. Although they do not have contact with his mother would have liked to know that it is okay. The presenter assured him that all was well and that she will take care of passing on the message first-hand.

Will Telecinco Rocío Carrasco between live or send a message? Many viewers believe that this is only a strategy of Mediaset to achieve the long-awaited interview and visit of the daughter of Rocío Jurado.

The last to speak about this episode has been Antonio David. “It is only human that my daughter worry about her mother. The fact that bear seven years without being seen, does not mean that you do not want to. After what happened, the only thing that shows are the feelings so big that you have my daughter for your mother.”

The Flower has already come to them the God to see. They were all completely disappeared, no longer interested the public opinion. It was with the entry of Antonio David, who was not financially well by the trials to which he subjected his ex-wife, a GH VIP 7 with which its caches are inflated. With him Mediaset discovered Rocio Flores, who without knowing what to do with your life has found casually your way. Now is Rocío Carrasco, who lives from the royalties of Rocío Jurado, who was going to get a lot of money thanks to exclusive interviews in Saturday Deluxe and in magazines. In addition if you sent a video to the Survivors or appeared in the programme would be very well paid.

Without a doubt, Antonio David, Rocío Carrasco and Rocío Flores have formed a perfect team. Thanks to their family problems and enfentamientos have managed to survive for years. Now comes the great reward to what many people think “a big lie”.