The photographer, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian accused of harassment


JULY 23 – News / People

Written by: Carmen Pugliese

The pop star has decided to take sides and to show his closeness to the victims of Marcus Hyde

It’s called Marcus Hyde and on the social boasted 1 million followers. We use the past because now the account is suspended, but let’s take a step back. What happened to the photographer of numerous celebrities, including Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian?

And it all started from a complaint made by a model of Los Angeles, Sunnaya. The girl, in fact, had responded to a Story on the Instagram of the photographer, who was seeking girls to photograph. So, enticed by a portfolio of the star, which they had laid for him, he decided to respond, but I got a strange request: a picture completely naked. After receiving a refusal of the girl, Hyde began to injure you. The page “Diet Prada“, followed on Instagram and also responsible of the controversy between Dolce & Gabbana and China, wanted to publish the screenshots that inchiodavano the photographer. Unambiguous and direct, messages with the requests thrusts have been around the web and many have found the strength to report the same situation.

In short, Marcus Hyde was used to working, so, with people not so famous. The appeal of the page that has collected all of the complaints arrived to Ariana Grande and the pop star has written a story on its social that the was sorry for what happened to victims of Hyde (without naming it explicitly) and thanked the many other photographers who were distinguished for seriousness and professionalism.

For now, Kim Kardashian has not spoken, but definitely say something, since that has always been sensitive to the issues that affect women. It is just the case to say that the union is strength…and that of women even more!