The police retains it. Kiko Matamoros questioned. Save me don’t know how to plug this


kiko matamoros

March 20, 2020
(15:32 CET)

The confinement by the coronavirus is very serious and there are people who do not take it as such. Is disease is killing thousands of people all over the world and it is very important to put an end to it as soon as possible. For this reason it is mandatory to comply with the rules established, among them to remain at home. You can only get out to buy products of first need, go out to walk the dog, visit a dependent person, or going to work.

Some co-workers of Save me have decided to isolate themselves at home and leave the work, but others are still doing their job because they meet a “social work”, as said Carlota Corredera and by that he arrived to a wave of criticism. Kiko Matamoros, Chelo Garcia Cortes and Maria Patino follow at the foot of the canyon.

María Patiño coronavirus

The partner took advantage of his presence in the program to tell what had happened to him the other day. A little mishap with the Police. “When I came in from work, back to my house, I stopped by the Police. He was in a taxi and they asked me for my accreditation for the producer to certify that it had been working”, he has explained. He taught the relevant documentation to the agents, but there was a problem. “I’ve moved recently and my current address is not reflected in my e-card”.

The Police overlooked this once, but could have faced a fine of 1,500 euros. Luckily he has found a solution. “I have my registration with me. If today I to police I can certify that I’m out of Telecinco and where I live”, has this to say about it. This also would have moved on to other collaborators, such as Kiko-Matamoros. We believe with total impunity. However, Telecinco could put aside Save me, as you believe your viewers does not fulfill any social function. This is pure entertainment and not informative. It is not mandatory to have them on the screen. For example, another program that has fallen from the grill is MYHYV.