The secret that have eggs (which helps us to prevent Coronavirus)



March 20, 2020
(14:38 CET)

We still don’t have a cure for the coronavirus covid-19but we have clues of things that can help us to prevent it. Of course, hygiene is essential: do NOT TOUCH THE FACE! and wash your hands often and with soap and water, however, the diet can also help.

It is of vital importance that we should have a body’s own resistance system strong and to do this there is a mineral that is essential for improving our agency. That is the Zinc.

Together with the Selenium is one of the major minerals protect us. Helps us in addition to oxidative damage, heals our wounds and creates hemoglobin. Yes, it has a snag, our body is not generated and must acquire it through food.


Eats eggs

Yes, the eggs they are an essential food if you want to climb the zinc in our body, as it has a few levels of the same very tall, almost 5 mg per 100 grams of egg.

It also has many other vitamins very useful as the A, D, E, and K, but they have to be taken, as all the food, so moderate because excesses can cause us problems. In the case of eggs, high cholesterol due to the egg yolks.

Other foods with a lot of Zinc

The Zinc is easy to find in many types of food different and therefore it can accommodate almost any diet will do.

What we can find in the pork, lean, meat network, on brown rice in crab, oysters, chocolate, in peanuts and pumpkin seeds, and watermelon. Do nothing wrong, not?