‘The Walking Dead’: Norman Reedus suggests that soon it will be addressed in the sexual life of Daryl


The zombie apocalypse has not prevented many of the characters of ‘The Walking Dead’ have been able to enjoy their sexual lives, and even have children, but Daryl has not had the same luck… how far now?

  'The Walking Dead'

In an interview for Popcorn with Peter Travers, Norman Reedus shared the little information they had on the subject: “I have heard a few rumors that may address some of that. I spoke a little bit”. This has made it jump off the alarms and some of the fans have begun to connect the dots after the end of the episode 10 of the tenth season, in which Lydia manages to put a safe to Daryl after ignoring the orders of the Alpha. What will emerge the love between them?

What is certain is that Daryl has been the only one that has not had any romance throughout the series so, perhaps, a little bit of affection will make you forget for a while the zombies.

We will have more Daryl and more ‘The Walking Dead’

After the departure of many of its companions in the series, like Andrew Lincoln, Reedus made it very clear that if it were up to him he would be in the series until the endand even joked to “burn down” the set of the shoot if the writers were planning to kill Daryl.

The series of AMC also confirmed that he is working on a spin-off, ‘The Walking Dead: the World Beyond’ which is going to premiere on the 12th of April, but as a result of the coronavirus will be delayed a bit moreso we’ll have to wait to see the new group of survivors led by women.